Films is not what we make...
Films is what we are!

About Y.D.G. Films

We are 11 Years Young.
We are into audio-visual solutions.
We were established on 28 September 2009.
We are a group of Filmbuff from Pune-Mumbai India.
We are a registered member of IMPPA and ABMCM (Marathi).

What we do

Feature Films

We have experiance in producing Hindi as well as Marathi Feature Films; Apart we also experianced in line production as well as execution services for feature films. We provide trunky services from scripting, choosing technicians to release, marketing, selling different right's.

Sound/Audio Production

We have speicialized experts who guides you, helps your to fulfill your Sound Production services. It makes you easy to do record your Voiceovers, Songs, Dubbing and likewise.

Visual Post-Production

Visual treatment is main part of any video/film, without Color Grading, working on luminance it dosent look good, sometimes Visual Effects are also necessary, we have exclusive team for this, who helps you to fulfill your requirement within your budget and deadlines.

Ad-Films / Corporate /Educational Films & Documentaries

Visual medium (promotional films) have always been the most effective when it comes to capturing the audience's attention. These films promote a company, brand and business by bringing ideas, products or services to the attention of customers in the most effective & interesting way. Be it an ad-film or a corporate film. An educational film is a film or movie whose primary purpose is to educate. Educational films have been used in classrooms as an alternative to other teaching methods. Our team of specialist helps you to make such videos.

Music Videos

A music video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes. Now a days new musicians portray their profile’s by creating such videos.

Audition Videos/Showreels

It is always best to keep your audition videos and show reel ready when you approach professional film-makers. We provide you with an energizing video profile.


Everything under one roof

Audio Equipments

Latest technology driven audio equipments.

Camera Equipments

Rentals of various camera equipments, Lights, Rigs, Lenses& various other accessories.

Transport Services

Cars, vanity vans, cranes & all other types of vehicles as per the requirement.


Cameraman, art directors, camera assistants, casting directors, assistant directors, electricians, hairdressers etc.

Film Production & location services

Production planning, Location scouting, permits etc.

Production Support

Any requirements for production support will be fulfilled in the satisfactory manner.


Exceptionally experienced Casting Directors & great relations with talents.


We are associated with best caterers in and around the shooting locations.


Best accommodation ensuring the comfortable and affordable experience.

Legal Permits

All the required permits, licenses and clearances from the concerned authorities for the shoot.