About Us

We breathe films

Y.D.G Films – Yogesh Dattatraya Gosavi Films Production has been started on 28 August 2009 in Pune; the motive behind the production house is to build a team to give deligate film making services in Pune and across west Maharashtra.

What we are

Yogesh Dattatraya Gosavi has started Production House, with local line production services for feature films. After doing line production for several Hindi, Marathi feature films and ad-films, we are now associated with renowned technicians and studios in Pune as well as Mumbai. Team Y D G has a setup of almost 500+ Technicians working in different levels and capacities. We are associated with 10+ Studios giving Audio – Visual Facilities like DI (Digital Intermediate) Dolby/5.1 Surround Mixing, VFX(Animation) of world-class quality. We have tieup with Studios for Post-Production and Camera Equipment Facilities, We also have our own equipment rental services which is expanding day by day.

Currently Y.D.G.Films is working in different areas of Audio-Visual Production services, mainly in Feature film production and other area's like Ad-Films, Corporate Films, Radio-Jingles, Educational Films – Documentaries, Music Videos, Audition Videos/Show reels, Animation film, Walk-Through making etc.

Our Director Yogesh Dattatraya Gosavi has 18+ Years of vast experience in film industry. Currently his two Marathi films as Writer - Director and one from our production house is on release viz. ‘SORRY'’ (2020) and ‘Gadbad Gondhal’(2020). We are also in Filming stage of our film Bollywood venture.